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WIWU Alpha A11 in 1 USB Type C HUB GrayWIWU USB 3.0 universal docking station provides an effective solution for enhancing Laptop/PC/Tablet connectivity, especially for users that need to connect and manage multiple devices at home or in the office.It easily connects a wide array of accessories to y..
6,000 Tk
Ex Tax:6,000 Tk
WIWU Alpha A513HVP 5 in 1 USB Type C HUB GrayThe WIWU ALPHA A513HVP 5 in 1 USC HUB has USB3.0 lossless conversion transmission and it also supports 4K HD quality videos or images. The converter interface is double-sided, regardless of positive and negative points. It is able to dissipate heat fast a..
3,800 Tk
Ex Tax:3,800 Tk
WIWU T8 Lite 5 in 1 USC HUBWIWU T8 Lite 5 in 1 USC HUB includes 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x SD, 1 x Micro SD, 1 x Type-C(PD) ports. It provide extra 2 USB 3.0 ports supporting up to 5Gbps transfer speed. You can enable to easily access files from an SD card and / or a TF card directly. This HUB Adapter support..
3,200 Tk
Ex Tax:3,200 Tk
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