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DigitalX X-S21 Bar SpeakerDigitalX X-S21 is 2.1 Sound System Bar Speaker. It is compatible with any TV. This Bar Speaker has Wire and Wireless connection. In this Bar speaker, Here used Upgraded Sound Technology with 3D sound effects. This new Speaker has 40Hz-20KHz Frequency response, 2.25”*2 Speak..
4,800 Tk
Ex Tax:4,800 Tk
DigitalX XS1 Single Bluetooth Soundbar Black (20W)This Single Soundbar is one of the slimmest sound bar that comes with Gorgeous black color brings wonderful artistic appearance. This Single soundbar is comes with a reasonable tall and high measurement. To be more specific the measurements are L798*..
3,500 Tk
Ex Tax:3,500 Tk
DigitalX XS6 Bluetooth Single Soundbar Black (24w)Digital X X-S6 Bluetooth Single Sound Bar is built with 12Watt x 2 RMS/Channel with 100Hz-14kHz Frequency. This wonderful sound bar is compatible with any TV, Upgraded Sound Technology, 3D sound effects and control it by Remote control. In this Speak..
3,000 Tk
Ex Tax:3,000 Tk
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