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Dahua XVR5432L-X 32 Channel Penta-brid XVR

Dahua XVR5432L-X 32 Channel Penta-brid XVR
Dahua XVR5432L-X 32 Channel Penta-brid XVR
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Dahua XVR5432L-X 32 Channel Penta-brid XVR

With the surveillance operators pursuing to HD/UHD which further adds thestorage and transmission cost, HDCVI H.265+/H.265 has been released toincredibly decrease the required bitrate while ensuring the video quality inrealizing high resolution surveillance such as 4MP/4K.The Lite Series is designed for high cost performance and quality. The rangeoffers a great solution for users facing budget constraints who both requirequality and performance. And with the adoption of Smart H.265+/H.265,the series improves encoding efficiency, saving on bandwidth/storage costs,and significantly reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Smart Codec, H.265+ can reduce up to 90% bit rate and storagerequirements compared with H.264 without having to invest in newcameras. The XVR can auto recognize the signal of front-camera without any setting. Itmakes operation more friendly and convenient. The XVR supports up to 5MP HDCVI camera and 6MP IP camera input. The integrated design can reduce wiring troubles which makes it much morecost-effective and convenient for installation. This funcion includes POS ticket information overlay and search which canbe widely used in retail programs. The HDCVI system supports long distance transmission over coaxialcable and UTP, max. 700m for 4K/4MP, 800m for 1080P and 1200m for720P. The smart fan can automatically turn on or turn off according to theCPU temperature. This function can effectively reduce the fan noise toprovide a better user experience. HDMI2 is made for a secondary monitor. This allows the operator toview one special monitor that assigned to selected cameras or videoinputs from higher security areas. With built-in intelligent video analytics, the XVR has the ability to detectand analyze moving objects for improved video surveillance. The XVRprovides optional standard intelligence at the edge allowing detectionof multiple object behaviors such as abandoned or missing objects. IVSalso supports Tripwire analytics, allowing the camera to detect when apre-determined line has been crossed. It is a typical technology being used in a variety of applications forsearching or identification of individuals. This function helps you get more motion detect video during a shorttime through drawing a region when playback. It is very useful when anemergency occurs.

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